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If Money Was No Object


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For starters... (There will be many places I'd want all over London and the world, as well as many things for them and for the place I already call home I'd wish to retain, so without further ado, what I'd buy right now if money wasn't an object)...

1253 D Street, Springfield, OR 97477




Because 1234 C Street, Springfield, OR 97477 that I had my heart on sold last June, and this was the only other property on the market in a very small area I want to have a holiday home in.

This property on the market however, is twice the price and twice the size (if not more) but it's close enough and I'd take it knowing everything I want to be within walking distance would still be in walking distance if I had this place, but not without some changes.

I'd have all new central heating and a tankless water heater so I'd never run out of hot water for starters, then for my own amusement, rebuild the inside to handle a spa bar wet room above the garage next to the bedrooms etc and, redecorate...


This bigger house has this one cool looking room


that I'd have decorated to look more like this,

Casper house inspired by Casa Batlló

so I'd hire a bunch of plasterers and carpenters and get some Tiffany lighting in there, in Oregon.

Also this house has a blatant man cave above the garage that I've scoped out to put an above ground hot tub, sauna in the corner...108309f88e77f72f27db4928d66edd54-uncropped_scaled_within_1344_1008.jpgca28d970a21c68edf9e1c3db1c97214a-uncropped_scaled_within_1344_1008.jpgwith a kitchen I'd turn more into a bar/kitchen8505f599642e4952f91b75d7ddb25f10-uncropped_scaled_within_1344_1008.jpgand enough room for a hot tub and sauna, so lose the pool table and the carpet area...849a3ce59d8e4d08a132243aa16a70d7-uncropped_scaled_within_1344_1008.jpgReinforce this whole floor and turn this carpet area into a fancy spa, because this should fit, right?


Too European of me? Any friendly neighbour I'd encounter may wish to kick my A' if they saw my man cave if I invited them to watch the Superbowl for a Superbowl Party if I was actually here in the winter months?

(Though with this snow and ice, I highly doubt it)!.. There's a reason why I'd fly in and out of this place, and that reason is the cold months, I'd be at another property anywhere in the world, even this one I'm in now in Thornton Heath, over this location in the winter, sorry.

But if I did have any neighbours over for a Superbowl Party, I don't care what they'd think because to me, this'd be my own little Playboy Mansion/Grotto moment and decorate any offending above garage spa like this


and hang a 98" 8K Smart TV $60, 000.00 TV on the wall and I'd give it TiVO too, because, my house, all be it a holiday / vacation home in Springfield, still, my house.

If I'm honest, the whole spa/bar idea'll be adding yet more value to the property anyway, a property that I just want to show off in and yet keep a low profile (except for the cars in the driveway and the guitar sounds coming from the house) at the same time, so I'd have all my fancy stuff on the inside (except for cars), like this spa bar idea, speaking of bar;

I'd keep that kitchen for snacks and cold drinks, but install a 3-in-1 mixer faucet, this sink and frosted beer tap. 



and I'd lose that old timey looking phone too, and take out that old heater, lose that, install one of these soda fountains there;


Get like 4 bar stools, stock up on choice alcohols and make Budweiser the beer on my tap and keep it stocked up; I'd also have a cold water water cooler and at least a 25 gallon plan

Bottled Water Delivery l Coolers & Dispensers | Culligan next to the sauna..

This bathroom


I'd change to a wet room..


This driveway can go to Hell...


reminds me too much of

r/rickandmorty - Jerry needed the weed whacker because of weeds coming up in the cracks in the pavement caused by the house being transported to another dimension in season 1. I really like that.

so I'd want a new driveway for this house and get every permit I needed to make this happen.

Driveway | SIKAThe car in the new driveway will be a lime green muscle car, that's all I know, also, I like the look of this 2021 Lime Green Dodge Demon, so, this2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat: What We Know So Far | Dodge challenger  hellcat, Dodge challenger srt hellcat, Challenger srt hellcat

(with front and back Oregon plates on because, Oregon).

(I like the results of this in this Ontario video, so I'd do exactly what this video does for that 2021 Lime Green Dodge Demon)

This 2021 Dodge Demon will be the car I'd drive for fun at this house, but I'd also go for another car to make my shopping cart/drive thru errand runner, and money being no object and for my own amusement, I'd get this;

1988 Chevrolet Caprice station wagon in original paint to be my shopping cart/drive thru errand runner.

I'd have this 1988 Chevrolet Caprice station wagon with original paint and that 2021 Lime Green Dodge Demon and register them both to me at that address sporting Oregon license plates with tags up to date and everything.

I'd keep these cars maintained / hire someone to come over and do this in my absence; money being no object scenario and whatnot... Maybe get the 1988 Oregon base plates for the '88 station wagon, IDK, could I do that in Oregon if I wanted to? Have that be my classic car and have plates correct to the time period? If not, current plates I guess, even though the car might stick out for being newly registered there, IDK, but I'd like to look into this.


In this home I'd have at least 10 x https://www.bestbuy.com/site/searchpage.jsp?st=8k&_dyncharset=UTF-8&_dynSessConf=&id=pcat17071&type=page&sc=Global&cp=1&nrp=&sp=&qp=&list=n&af=true&iht=y&usc=All+Categories&ks=960&keys=keys

This $60, 000.00 TV I saw at Best Buy (one for every one of the seven bedrooms, one for the living room, one for the kitchen, one for the spa bar above the garage, so, ten of these fancy 98" 8K TVs that go for $60, 000.00 each brand new and will surely depreciate, but money being no object, I'd get 10, be like Oprah with the rooms going 'you get a TV, and you get a TV, and you get a TV'... and I want them all wall mounted and to each have TiVo and one could have an Xbox and another any laptop I'd have in this situation too etc... Technically, the TVs would cost more than the purchase of the house...

The guitars and amps I want to furnish this place with... I said Norman's Rare Guitars...

I would have to make the trip to this store or have someone make the trip out to this store on my behalf to acquire and take this guitar to this house in Springfield, Oregon, which I could so easily do if money wasn't an object with UShip of Shipping Wars fame who I once used to get a car across England to me from Western Super Mare to Thornton Heath, so I know I could have this guitar delivered if money wasn't an object, even if it's hire the driver for 2 runs, run A, Oregon to Southern California with the cash for everything I want from this store... Run B, returning with all my stuff.


Gibson R-8 Les Paul 1958 Reissue

Gibson R8 (nothing fancy fancy, just a good guitar)

but there are a whole bunch of other guitar stores in America, like this one on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the Flower District who ship (Got me a guitar from this place to Thornton Heath, I'm sure they'd be able to supply me with any guitars or anything else they sell from this place to Oregon).


2007 Gibson Les Paul R8 '58 Re-Issue Original Stunning Sunburst Clean And Original

Gibson R8 (nothing fancy fancy, just a good guitar)

(I'd have all the aftermarket stuff I love put on to these guitars too to make them my own).

and a Slash Amp



This one looks cool/fine enough, why not?... I'd have this shipped out to Oregon to be the amp of the house or, one of the amps, I'd probably have a couple since this house is bigger than the one I thought about before, so I could fit at least this cool amp there, and have plenty of room for other cool amps too.

A lot of high end entertainment...


Also, because of it being my home in Springfield and "The Simpsons" being from there and my own amusement, I might paint it orange, to match this house;


In colour, though I'd leave the door brown and not paint it white like on this house, might get a new roof to match this one though?

I'd have snacks shipped to me from England that I like and enjoy the local food too.


1 house in Springfield Oregon near the old town and the Main Street there.

1 x tankless water heater for non stop hot water.

Central heating



New roof

A whole room / floor conversion with reinforced floors for the room above the garage with a kitchen for my spa bar.

A wet room / new bathroom out of an existing bathroom.

New driveway

New floors and paint inside

2 x Gibson VOS Les Paul guitars (with after market parts I love on these guitars).

2 x guitar stands so my guitars can live on them next to the guitar amplifier.

1 x Slash Marshall head and 2 speaker stack Marshall guitar amplifier.

1 x indoor above ground Whirlpool hot tub

1 x indoor sauna

1 x water cooler

1 x subscription to water for my water cooler.

1 x  3-in-1 mixer faucet for cold, hot and instant boiling water.

1 x frosted beer tap to have cold beer on tap.

1 subscription to a brewery to deliver me Budweiser by the keg for my frosted beer tap.

1 x beer sink (designed for run off like at a bar where you put your glass down and pour).

4 x bar stools.

I'd also have supplies of: vodka, bourbon, scotch, white rum, dark rum, champagne, Kahlua in this spa bar. 

A soda fountain for mixing Rum & Cokes or having soft drinks with syrup cubes from Coca-Cola for sodas and Ice Teas and ice/this soda fountain will also be my ice machine.

Plenty of orange juice for Screw Drivers and Mimosas in the fridge and fresh milk for White Russians.

It's Oregon, I'd have weed too in this house, as well as rolling materials and edibles, and a bong somewhere maybe and a bunch of lighters, I would get so stoned in this house, playing guitars and retreating to my hot tub.

10 x 98" 8K ready smart TVs all wall mounted (I'd fit as many of these as I can in bedrooms living rooms and bar spas)


TiVO x 10 DVR boxes


Home security

Construction company




House painters


Driveway pavers (who can get all the permits as it'll be their business)

A mechanic to service the cars  in my absence to ensure they're well maintained throughout the year.

1 x 2021 Dodge Demon (Lime Green) (Sporting a trick I saw on YouTube to get the front license plate on this car).

1 x 1988 Chevrolet Caprice wagon (original paint) Sporting era correct 1988 Oregon Plates if I can.

This won't even be my domicile in the United States, little lone the world, I'm thinking New York or California or Pennsylvania, so I doubt I'd have an Oregon driver's license, so I don't know if I could register these cars to me on an out of state or even out of country driver's license, but I would try my hardest to register these 2 cars at this house and use them for my stay and park them there, even if I went cross country in one of these cars from my holiday home in Oregon to a place I might want on the East Coast, I'd want it to be a car with Oregon plates registered to me at this address on D Street in Springfield.

... To get in and out of there like a jet setter, nearby Eugene, Oregon has an airport, Eugene (EUG) and I wouldn't want to be around in the winter months, so I'd fly in and out of Eugene to use this holiday home enjoying Oregon in the warmer months so, from the middle of April to the end of October times, maybe fly in a day or 2 leading up to April 20th, celebrate 4/20 in Oregon, or any time in the year from then to like November 2nd, after Halloween if I ever wanted to do Halloween here, I'd get a short taste of Oregon in November, then be gone on the 2nd/out of there escaping that winter until next Spring/Summer, even if I return to London (I see no reason not to) or to somewhere else somewhere else, I know it won't be ice and snow levels of cold no matter where I vacate this vacation/holiday home to if I got to have a permanent vacation and lived an existence that didn't have to compromise.

If I wanted, I could buy an empty lot off Main Street in Springfield, OR 97477 and have this terraced house in Thornton Heath CR7, England knocked down and rebuilt on that lot in Springfield, if I wanted to and make it happen with London Borough of Croydon Council and Lane County; I mean, if London Bridge could end up in Arizona... Why not? Money no object people, what would you do?

What would you do? If money wasn't an object.




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