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favorite movie?

Guest Vaughan

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Watched Green Lantern... meh, it's Green Lantern for sure, but it still has that yutz from "2 Guys And A Girl" in it !! ><

Captain America me thinks.

Me happen to like " that yutz from 2 Guys And A Girl :p

To stay on topic: Saw "The Sixth Sense" again and has to be a fav as well, not sure I had that on my previous list.

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A favourite?! That is impossible but the list below are some all time favourites

X Men

The Matrix

Silence Of The Lambs

Casino Royale


Ed Wood

Man On The Moon

Carlitos Way




Empire Strikes Back


Rocky 2

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Well now, it has been said before but at the risk of redundancy "This is an impossible question."

Despicable Me (I want minions!)

Shaun of the Dead

Hot Fuzz




Sky Capitan and the World of Tomorrow


i Robot



Dark Star



V for Vendetta

Minority Report


A Scanner Darkly

War of the Worlds (Origional & Remake)

The Day the Earth Stood Still (Origional & Remake)



Conspiracy Theory


These are not in a specific order (just as they popped into my head) and there are many more without which my DVD collection would be incomplete, but I decided to stop listing them befor the size of this post got truly silly ;)

I suspect that ones choice of movies is in some small way a reflestion of personality... Should I seek help :question::icon_lol:

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My all time favourite is Jurassic Park, however I have to many films that I love and like to mention

To name a few: Star Wars IV - VI trilogy, Back to the Future Trilogy, Green Mile, Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz (Love Spaced too), Happy Gilmore (I can watch this back to back) and another film I watched and was so impressed with I watch again straight away was Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

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Way too many movies to mention, since I'm a bonafide Classic Film Fanatic. However, I'm a big fan of 'screwball' comedies such as THE LADY EVE, BRINGING UP BABY, HIS GIRL FRIDAY, THE AWFUL TRUTH and ONE, TWO, THREE!. Which is one reason I like THE BIG BANG THEORY so much--it's really a throwback to great 'screwball' comedy, at least IMO.

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"The Fifth Element", "Batman Returns", "The Dark Knight", The first three Indiana Jones movies, "Alien", "Blade Runner", "Gladiator", "Crossroads" (1986 movie directed by Walter Hill)

and more recent: "The Illusionist", "Limitless", "Source Code"

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