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Transcript Discussion Thread..

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This is the discussion thread for the season 12 transcripts.  I had originally planned to finished season 11 first, then move on to season 12.   I changed my mind.  I will be doing the first five of season 12, and then alternating between season 11 and season 12, until I finish them.   I will then move on to other seasons.  I may not do them in chronological order, for instance, I'm interested in seasons four through six, so I may do those first.  I'll see how it goes and how it strikes me.   I'm working on 1201, right now, so within three or four days of this post (25 November, 2020), you should see the first transcript for season 12.   If you have any questions or comments, by all means, leave them in this thread.  

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18 hours ago, Stephen Hawking said:

I'm getting an error message.



14 hours ago, chucky said:

Same here

I left a message for Tripper,  I believe it's got something to do with how the Transcript Forum is set up.    Once it's fixed, I'll leave a note in here.  

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8 hours ago, alexaben said:

I'm getting a mistake message.

What kind of error message?   What are you trying to do?

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