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Season 12 Transcript Legend.


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Acts, scenes.      Bolded, all caps.       Center justified                         Eg:   COLD OPEN   or ACT 1, or SCENE A


Cuts.   All caps, underlined.   Center justified                                      Eg:   CUT TO

Atom cut is a cut using the animated atoms                                        Eg:   ATOM CUT 

 Resests are cut lines that go back to a previous location in the scene      Eg: RESET TO

Cuts are action lines.


Action Lines, All caps, underlined, center justified.                            Eg:  AMY ANSWERS PHONE,   LEONARD ENTERS, ETC


Effects will also appear as action lines.                                                Eg: [SFX] PHONE RINGS,   [VFX] EYES TURN GREEN

[SFX]         Sound effects                                                                                                  

[VFX]        Visual Effects

[VO]        Voice over, sound from another room such as on phone.


Locations.  All caps  Center justified.  All are interior,                         Eg:   APARTMENT 4B

unless specifically mentioned (eg in car, outside)


Actors in scene.   In parentheses, correct caps, center justified        Eg: (Sheldon and Leonard)

Usually below the location


The rest should be dialogue.   

All dialogue is Left Justified, has the  character name in all caps, a colon, then the dialogue.  Occasionally, there will be instructions for the actor, between the character name and the colon  

Eg    PENNY(sarcastically):  Oh, yeah, I believe you.  


If you see something you don't understand, please contact me and I'll add it to this, if I can.  


The discussion for the season 12 transcripts can be found in the main season 12 forum, under the topic Transcript Discussion. 

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